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Jeffrey Loria Is Not Popular

From The Miami Herald (via Baseball Think Factory):

In popularity poll, Miami Marlins’ Jeffrey Loria ekes out a win over Fidel Castro

Only 23 of the respondents (6 percent) had a “favorable’’ opinion of Loria, and a third of those were people who said they personally know him. The only public figure who might lose a popularity contest to Loria in South Florida right now is Fidel Castro (who has a favorability rating of rating of about 1 percent, says pollster Fernand Amandi).

A majority of the season-ticket holders surveyed said they would favor a boycott if it led to Loria selling the team.

Full rankings from the poll:

1. Ozzie Guillen
2. Heath Bell
3. Jill Kelley
4. Bernie Madoff
5. OJ Simpson
6. Casey Anthony
7. Jeffrey Loria
8. Fidel Castro