Joe West Ejected Another Vancouver Rioter

Up here in Canada, we’re still grappling with the tough questions: Why? Why, after their Canucks lost game seven, did those laid back Vancouverites decide to show the folks in Montreal how it’s really done? What is it about hockey that makes the average, beer-drinking, eh-saying Canadian lose, well, his or her shit?

We’ll likely never know.

But that’s hardly the point. The point is: NotGraphs Investigative Reporting Investigation Team correspondent Steve, whose last name we have concealed in order to protect his identity, captured the footage above from Wednesday night. Below is his report:

After he finished making the calls at third base between the Angels and Mariners on Wednesday night, the Great Ejector took his talents where they were badly needed. He caught the Cascade up to Canada and used his immaculate talents for the greater good, clearing the hooligans and ruffians from the streets alongside Vancouver’s finest. However, it is unclear to this day if Mr. West is ejecting the defeated Canucks fan or the officer who dared sully the good name of the Vancouver P.D. by carrying his riot gear upside down.

I know; Steve does great work. Much like Joe West.

Seriously. Thanks, Steve.

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Brett G.
Brett G.

Thanks to my job, I’ve printed out about 100 stickers of just Joe West in this pose, and plan on sticking them just about everywhere I can.