Joe West Ejects Barry Zito’s Mustache

It gives me great pleasure to announce that, yes, friends, memes — Adventures of Joe West and Mustache Watch — have collided. And we have FanGraphs reader SYH to thank. You may remember SYH from such Adventures of Joe West as “Joe West … In Peril?

Joe West is old school. Joe West is clean cut. Joe West has no time for Barry Zito’s whiskers. They’re gone, stage left.

The Great Ejector, like God, is everywhere.

Immense gratitude to SYH. A Joe West .gif! My life is that much further to being complete.

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18 Responses to “Joe West Ejects Barry Zito’s Mustache”

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  1. MAD says:

    Zito looks like James Franco in MILK with that mustache.

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  2. Katie says:

    Can Joe eject Travis Snider’s mustache next? :)

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  3. MeredithTo says:

    I agree with Katie.

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  4. GB says:

    No way! ‘Trailer Park Travis’ rules. ’80s throwback appeal FTW.

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  5. Hmbne says:

    Why is the ice on his right shoulder?

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  6. I’m quite partial to the TRAVISTACHE.

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  7. glassSheets says:

    Can Joe West hit a curveball, though?

    And how can a Joe West discussion go on this long without making fun of his country music cd?

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    • NotGraphs is in the business of celebrating.

      We don’t tear down; we build up.

      This site is like the Tower of Babel — except only if God was like, “Sweet tower, guys. Keep it up.”

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      • Xenophanes says:

        NotGraphs: like the Tower of Babel — except only if God was like, “Sweet tower, guys. Keep it up.”

        Official NotGraphs motto? Please?

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    • Joe West absolutely can hit a curveball.

      As for his country music CD, make fun of it … at your peril.

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    • Kyle S. says:

      What is there to make fun of? The album is an all-time classic; standouts include his homage to Hank Williams in “Ejecting Your Cheating Heart” and the Hawk Harrelson dis track “So What If I Hate The White Sox (Do Something)”.

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  8. glassSheets says:

    Would a Joe West track (perhaps “Blue Cowboy”) as entrance music be grounds for ejection or adulation?

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