Joe West Ejects Dumb, Stupid Leukemia

If for some reason you haven’t heard, I regret to be the one informing you that FanGraphs’ First and Only Full-Time Employee Dave Cameron has leukemia.

This news makes me, Carson Cistulli, upset. Despite the fact that he looks strange and hasn’t seen a movie since 1987, Dave Cameron is a truly thoughtful man and, if I may say, a dear friend. I believe I speak for everyone on the NotGraphs masthead, when I say that we look forward to Cameron recovering fully.

Joe West has a different approach, though. When he learned this morning about Cameron’s condition, he did the only thing that Joe West really knows how to do: he frigging tossed leukemia.

Though most of us have likely questioned West’s decision-making at one point or another, I think it’s clear that West’s instincts are entirely flawless in this matter.

All of which leads me to this entirely giant and heartfelt message:

Get better, Dave Cameron! You ARE FanGraphs, sir!

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Carson Cistulli occasionally publishes spirited ejaculations at The New Enthusiast.

10 Responses to “Joe West Ejects Dumb, Stupid Leukemia”

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  1. Best Joe West yet. Get better, Dave!

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  2. Love it! Great post. Dave is in my prayers.

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  3. Joe P. says:

    Leukemia: YER OUTTA HERE! I hope Dave gets a laugh out of this.

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  4. Resolution says:

    Perhaps the most important NotGraphs contribution ever. Get well soon Dave!

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  5. Vin says:

    Great post Carson, you always put the best spin on everything.

    Good call by Joe West, we’ve had enough from that leukemia.

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  6. If notgraphs ever finds itself thinking, “Man, we should totally bombard this terrific human being with stuff to read, seasons of Kenny Power’s to enjoy, and Audio books to hear-read (or just a big old amazon card)” I’ll happily slip a fifty into it’s garter belt.

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  7. Carl says:

    Clap clap clap

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  8. syh says:

    This is why I love NotGraphs.

    Get better Dave. We’re all thinking of you and pulling for you. I can’t offer much, but in the extremely unlikely event you need something GIFed stat, I’m ready to jump into action.

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  9. Daniel says:

    Well said, Carson. Well said.

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  10. Apple Core says:

    Frigging tossed is right. Get the fuck out of here, cancer.

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