Joe West Ejects Entire UN

See ya, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon — and General Assembly, as a whole! Wouldn’t wanna be ya.

This image is from Matt D himself.

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5 Responses to “Joe West Ejects Entire UN”

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Nice try UN WFP Head Jo Sheeran, but I know I’ve heard your troublemaking name before.

    Cowboys and nerds are mortal enemies, you gone!

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  2. Vegemitch says:

    Now this is a forum where Joe West can do wonders. Then on to the White House.

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  3. Joel says:

    Next up, Fox News?

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  4. Eric says:

    I teach a class about the U.N. I may have to borrow this image for my own use.

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  5. firnie14 says:

    I think weatherman Joe West ejects the weather should be an addition…

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