Joe West Finds, Ejects Waldo

Thanks to The Great Ejector, we’ll never have to look for that wandering jerk Waldo again.

Waldo, you’re gone!

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Navin Vaswani is a replacement-level writer. Follow him on Twitter.

5 Responses to “Joe West Finds, Ejects Waldo”

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  1. Matt says:

    best one yet!

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  2. Love it. Actually laughed out loud at work when I saw this one.

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  3. @FakeDanShulman says:

    Is it sad that I knew EXACTLY where to find Waldo when I saw this picture? Great stuff Navin.

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  4. @ Matt: Thank you for sending us on this journey. We are forever indebted to you.

    @ johnnynebraska: Actual LOLs are the best.

    @ FakeDanShulman: I wouldn’t call it sad, I’d call it skill. And while I know you’re not actually him, Dan Shulman is one of my most favourite Canadians. Yes, favourite with a “u.”

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  5. Chris says:

    Took me longer to realize where Joe was, I had assumed he’d be facing Waldo. I never realized how dirty these pictures were, too half naked women (one holding her breasts in a grass skirt while a little boy peeps on her, the other have her dress ripped off with stars over her nipples), why was I allowed to look at this as a child?

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