Joe West Tosses Old Man Winter

First things first: Yes, that is the least nefarious looking Old Man Winter in the history of Old Man Winters. Not that Old Man Winter’s nefariousness matters to Joe West, one way or the other.

But look at him, Old Man Winter. Look at that smug smile on his face, as if he thinks he might actually tamper with Opening Day, this most holy of afternoons. Downright defiant is what Old Man Winter looks to me, and The Great Ejector won’t stand for it.

Old Man Winter, you’re gone! And you can take Spring Training (look very, very closely at the picture, near first base) with you!

Play ball!

Thanks to steex for the Spring Training Photoshop which blessed my email inbox. And, yes, I did squeal with delight after typing “Play ball!”

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Matt Defalco
Matt Defalco

God, I’ve been trying to toss Old Man Winter from Canada for the last few weeks!

Thank you, Great Ejector, for aiding me in my efforts!