Joey Votto Loses Infield Fly Derby for Fourth Consecutive Year


NEW YORK — Competing for the fourth year in a row, Cincinnati Reds first baseman Joey Votto failed once again to win the Infield Fly Derby, part of Major League Baseball’s All-Star festivities. In his four years of competition, Votto has yet to get a single point. Votto’s voluntary entrance into the event turned heads again this year, as he has only amassed four infield fly balls during regular-season play since 2009, a span of 648 games.

“One of these years I’m going to get one,” Votto said to reporters in the post-event press conference. “I’ve always been a guy who can do pretty much what he wants on a baseball field. I haven’t gotten the hang of [hitting infield fly balls] yet, but I will. It’s important to me to be a well-rounded player.”

Reds manager Dusty Baker, who was in attendance to cheer on Votto did not seem disappointed at the outcome.

“He’s always trying to make himself better,” said Baker. “And this is part of it. At least he didn’t take any walks. I’m getting pretty damn sick of watching that.”

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  1. jim` says:


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  2. fjrobinson44 says:

    I assume Andrelton Simmons took home the trophy.

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  3. Dave Alden says:

    Fun article and the last two sentences pushed into the realm of classic.

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  4. Paul says:


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  5. HItler But Sadder says:

    The fact that the last Baker quote sounds like something he would say is both infuriating and hilarious all rolled into one.

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