Jonny Gomes: Docent

 “I say I work in a museum…”

–Jonny Gomes, Docent



Jonny Gomes, Docent, doesn’t do well with groups of middle schoolers.

Jonny Gomes, Docent, dabbles in curation–primarily the curation of postseason awe, and ancient Etruscan crested helms.

Jonny Gomes, Docent, would appreciate if you could keep it down, please.

Jonny Gomes, Docent, finds dinosaur bones “trite, but necessary.” Much like post-game interviews, and bunting.

Jonny Gomes, Docent, shook hands with former Louvre Director Henri Loyrette in 2005, and has not yet washed his hands (i.e. his own hands).

Jonny Gomes, Docent, finds l’art dans tout, even shoddily attempted MS Paint images.

Jonny Gomes, Docent, would like you to exit through the gift shop, or, after exiting, cross Yawkey Way and enter the gift shop there.

Jonny Gomes, Docent, invites discourse on the evolution of late art deco architecture in 1930’s Latin America, but asks that you take your discussion of statistical analysis in baseball outside, please.

Jonny Gomes, Docent, would like to remind you that the utility closets are for museum staff only, and not for scoring tongue-action with Jenny Michaels during the class field trip.

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Jenny Michaels never stopped at tongue action……

Big Nerd
Big Nerd

If Jonny Gomes appreciates shoddily attempted MS Paint images, and if Jonny Gomes is a fan of the Cincinnati Reds, having formerly been a member, then Jonny Gomes would likely appreciate this ongoing tournament of images.

Big Nerd
Big Nerd

Which link is really linked in that comment, even though you can’t see it.

This comment is a link to the same place.