Jose Barista

Jose Bautista has been many things. A Pittsburgh Pirates draft pick. An Oriole, Devil Ray, Royal, Pirate, and Met, all in the same season. A Rule 5 Draft pick. A Blue Jay. The Home Run King. One of only 22 Major League Baseball players in history to record back-to-back 40 home runs/100 walks seasons. The best hitter in baseball.

But if this whole baseball thing hadn’t worked out, Bautista would have looked right at home – and quite handsome – behind the counter.

H/Ts: The image comes from the wonderful Dan Uggla Wearing Uggs. It was brought to my attention by my Internet pal, and fellow Canadian, Dave, the mastermind behind Go Jays Go. Thanks, gents.

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5 Responses to “Jose Barista”

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  1. Bryz says:

    This needs to become a commercial.

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  2. Mr. Smooth says:

    Joe West approves of this.

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  3. novaether says:

    Thanks for the new team name (Jose Barista’s Home Run Blend) and (slightly modified) picture:

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  4. samuelraphael says:

    Oh, this is fabulous.

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