Jose Reyes & The Abyss: Multiple Choice

This photo, taken last week during Mr. Reyes’ official introduction to the mighty Marlins of Miami, shows Mr. Reyes, amidst all the pomp and circumstance of this happy occasion, transfixed, his gaze caught on something (or someone) unknown to us in the distance. Assuming that he is not blind or a robot, please answer the following question to the best of your ability: What did he see?

A. The contents of the briefcase from Pulp Fiction.
B.  Krampus.
C. A mirror, causing him to finally see how goofy the new Miami uniforms are.
D. Clifford, the big red dog, doing something inappropriate.

Extra Credit: What could have possibly disgusted Ozzie Guillen enough to provoke this facial outburst?

(Here’s a hint: the answer’s Sean Penn)

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11 Responses to “Jose Reyes & The Abyss: Multiple Choice”

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  1. Kyle says:

    It’s gotta be the Krampus. For both of them.

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  2. scout1222 says:

    I think I have a photo of myself making the same expression as Guillen. And amazingly enough it was taken well before those Marlins uniforms existed.

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  3. Jennifer says:

    Extra Credit: Where is my man? Where is F^&%%@ing Juan Pierre? I was told if I signed up to manage these S^%^&*tty, F$#@%$#%#$ Marlins there would be 25 Juan Pierres. I don’t see one. F#$%#.

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  4. Eminor3rd says:

    Extra Credit: Any question. Literally every question makes him make that face and shake his head before answering.

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  5. nubillybaroo says:

    extra credit: He killed Carlos the Jackal, and was staring at his dismembered corpse covered in exploded bags of cocaine… ain’t no ting.

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  6. nubillybaroo says:

    Reyes is staring at the same thing.

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  7. nubillybaroo says:

    what?! no more comments? did I say something?

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  8. BurleighGrimes says:

    Man, I know it’s been said before and it’ll be said again, but I have to say it here: that new Marlins jersey is atrociously ugly.

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  9. Andrea says:

    Pujols decided for the Angels.

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