Josh Hamilton Strikezone Constellation: The Prime Rib

Josh Hamilton Boxing Glove

On the one hand, Josh Hamilton‘s enthusiasm for swinging — documented in some depth by FanGraphs managing editor Dave Cameron earlier this season — has very likely hurt his ability to produce at a high level offensively. On the other, it allows one to make amusing constellations from the pitches at which Hamilton has swung.

Here, now, we see another entry in what may or may not become an ongoing series — in this case, from Hamilton’s May 22nd game against the Mariners (box). The constellation here bears more than a passing resemblance to a delicious prime rib, such as one might order at a Princeton eating club — or, at least, such as a cartoon character might order in a cartoon version of a Princeton eating club.

Credit to Texas Leaguers for the strikezone plot.

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15 Responses to “Josh Hamilton Strikezone Constellation: The Prime Rib”

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  1. Pat says:

    It looks like a dying Pacman…

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  2. Josh M says:

    looks kind of like Australia to me

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  3. Ruki Motomiya says:

    Reminds me of a NASCAR track.

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  4. Hello says:

    It’s the leg of a large woman giving birth.

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  5. snoop LION says:

    these are way too good keep em, coming please!

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  6. Julian says:

    Did anyone actually read the article? He already came to the conclusion that it looks like a prime rib.

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  7. Princess Vespa says:

    It looks like my industrial strength hair dryer, and I can’t live without it!

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  8. John Morgan says:

    Looks like Q*bert entering an event horizon.

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  9. Russian Ruse says:

    It also resembles a boxing glove punishing Hamilton below the belt.

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  10. Mattingly's Sideburns says:

    this constellation gives him way too much credit in the strike zone

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  11. Ziggy says:

    It looks like the red flag on the side of my mailbox to indicate there is outgoing mail to be picked up. Yes, some people still have mailboxes.

    Related: I’m pretty sure that if Josh Hamilton were into vandalizing mailboxes by swinging a baseball bat at one in a drive-by, he would probably miss, based on the above graph.

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