Justin Maxwell Has Nice Teeth

Newly-acquired Royals outfielder Justin Maxwell has nice teeth.

And he should. From The New York Times:

Maxwell, from Olney, Md., is the son of Austin Maxwell, who was the presidential dentist for five years, starting in 1997. He handled dental care for President Bill Clinton, Vice President Al Gore and their families, and then for President George W. Bush before retiring from the Navy in 2002. Justin Maxwell, 29, was a star amateur player for much of that time and drew the attention of one of his father’s patients.

“My dad told me that when Bush was president — he’s a big baseball fan — during one of his appointments, he asked how I was doing at the University of Maryland,” Maxwell said. “And my dad said he had never talked about baseball, so he obviously did his research. I thought that was pretty cool.”

That was a conversation the elder Maxwell could share. As for what he saw inside the mouths of the presidents, that was strictly confidential.

“He was never allowed to tell me anything,” Maxwell said. “Even to this day, he’s not allowed.”

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  1. sunglasseskim says:

    stayed at my friend’s place Olney, Md. for Thanksgiving break once. it’s a nice quiet town but reaaaally boring.

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  2. John Elway says:

    Nice but definitely on the small side.


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  3. Turbo Sloth says:

    Hosmer’s pearly whites in the background are stealing his thunder.

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