Kenesaw Mountain Landis Is Filling Out His Profile

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Handsome Dayn Perry can be found making love to the reader at's Eye on Baseball. He is available for all your Twitter needs.

9 Responses to “Kenesaw Mountain Landis Is Filling Out His Profile”

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  1. stockhfcrx says:

    Do you charge for this service? I need to get laid.

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  2. The Return of Rambo Diaz says:

    Is this now a thing?

    Yes, my brothers. This, most-assuredly, is now a thing. And the populace demands it be a thing repeatedly.

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  3. Skooks says:

    Furious pastors had me in tears.

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  4. AC of DC says:

    I was going to ask if this is truly representative of the items solicited on the typical dating website, and/or if they could ask for less meaningful information, but then I reviewed the post and am struck even more than all that by the undeniably photo-sessionesque, “give me your ladykiller shoulder move, you man-tiger” nature of the attached photo, and I am frankly convinced that this really is Landis’ dating profile and that Perry was on-hand simply to offer encouragement — presumably unnecessarily so.

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  5. The Stranger says:

    I can only hope that, for a glorious and brief moment before the mods found it, that this was actually posted on for the world to see.

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  6. jcxy says:

    Important that you dialed down many of his more racist tendencies.

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  7. Derek Zoolander says:

    He stole my look! That’s “Blue Steel” in his profile pic!

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  8. Well-Beered Englishman says:

    Please post any and all messages Kenesaw Mountain Landis receives in response to his profile.

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