Just as Aaron struggled to escape the corpulent shadow of Ruth, and Rose the wiry one of Cobb, it is often said (ad nauseam, really) of Michael Tucker that he played the game under the shadow of Marc Newfield. Now, for the first time, we have photographic documentation of the latter man’s umbral presence in Tucker’s life.


From the eBay listing:

I have not seen another one—1993 SP rookie foil cards with this anomaly/phenomenon in the past 20 years. I guess the only “scenario” that can top this card would be if the card is of Johnny Damon with ghost shadow of DEREK JETER from the same set (both potential HOF), but doesn’t exist!!!…This ghostly error card is truly a rare find on a monumental scale of all errors cards and could be the ONLY ONE that has slipped through rather than being destroyed at the factory! This GHOSTLY ERROR CARD is and should be the “KING OF ALL ERROR CARDS”!

As if JETER would ever permit his ghost shadow to be revealed! Note that this priceless piece of baseball history and irrefutable evidence of the paranormal can be yours for $10,000.

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  1. tz says:

    This one is SO easy to explain.

    Tucker fell over the Memphis right-field fence to take away a 3-run homer, then ran through said fence Kool-Aid Man style to throw out Midre Cummings for a game-ending double play.

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  2. mlstarr says:

    I remember that throw.

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  3. art lover says:

    he should employ park west to help him sell this national treasure.

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  4. |||CHAEL TUCKER says:


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  5. DowntownChico says:

    Don’t drop the soap Michael. It looks like the shadow of Newfield is about to have his way with you.

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  6. scatterbrian says:

    Billy Ripken still holds the title of having the king of all error cards.

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  7. Steve says:

    I would guess he would be lucky to get $10 for it, let alone $10,000.

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  8. J ro says:

    “For there is a man inside me, and only when he’s finally out, can I walk free of pain.”

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