LaTroy Hawkins Likes Basketball, Knockers

The following action-news photographic images, airlifted from the front lines of media sociale, prove beyond all doubt that veteran tosser LaTroy Hawkins is a rooter of not only Kansas Jayhawks basketball, but also of the Nippled Mounds of American Ladies …

Tits Tweets

And …

Tits Tweets Two

Having read and re-read the Zagat Guide to the Good Life, I have long been aware that an appreciation of both Dr. Naismith’s game and lady paps signify a striving toward said Good Life.

So it is with LaTroy Hawkins, Sommelier of Titties.

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  1. ^^ says:

    “Leave no tit overturned” -LaTroy Hawkins

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  2. Psyduck says:

    I just spent a little bit of time over at the KU BOOBS website. Submission #111 for the K-State game is something else.

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  3. This man needs to be surrounded by things, but I have no idea what: Gordon Cobbledick (

    I leave it to this post’s author to amaze us all with skill in surrounding. Consider this your bat signal, we need you.

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  4. Kris says:

    Clicking on the captured tweets brought this reader to two enjoyably titled sub-pages. Hashtag: Alliteration.

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  5. eddiegaedel says:

    I’m a loyal fangraphs reader but this is the first NotGraphs post I have ever read, hahaha. Where are the KU Butts??

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