Lazy Weblog Post: Wladimir Balentien Homering in April

Shortly after finishing his (likely flawed) translation apropos Wladimir Balentien‘s pursuit of Japan’s single-season home-run record, the present author pointed his internet browser to YouTube, intent on consuming footage of that same gigantic Dutchman hitting at least one of his 52 home runs this season.

With a view both to (a) giving the reader a head start in his/her own pursuit and also (b) producing content out of almost nothing at all, the author has embedded here above-average video of Balentin’s eighth home run this season, from back at the end of April.


Furthermore — and at no extra cost to the reader — here’s an animated GIF which captures what might be called the “heart and soul” of the footage above.

Balentien HR

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  1. Bryz says:

    That’s a nice softball swing there. Watch his front foot open up!

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    • Which perhaps is what makes it remarkable that he’s leading the Central League in batting average.

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      • Bryz says:

        That’s about a 91 MPH fastball, and yet he has a ton of bat movement and again, his foot opening up. Methinks with my amateur scouting that he wouldn’t be able to cut it if he attempted a comeback in MLB.

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        • tz says:

          His numbers have improved over the 3 years in Japan, and he’s just 28 right now, so he might be able to make a Colby Lewis style return to MLB.

          But looking at that swing, I do have to wonder how many of his homers came on AAA type pitches like that.

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      • Pere J!mbo says:

        …AND walking more often than he strikes out.

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  2. reillocity says:

    The pitcher reaction is good. But the catcher reaction is fabulous. It’s almost as if he was made woozy by being hit with the bat on the follow-through but I believe that he is just emoting the agony. Also comment-worthy are the opponent-employed bat boy’s bow to Balentien as he returns the bat to Balentien (1:14), the generous leg kick of the next batter which involves thrusting his front foot into the heart of the strike zone (1:22, 1:34), and a Lastings Milledge sighting (1:01).

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  3. Baseball-Fan says:

    Everytime I see Balentien I get jealous about his talent and reactions… He is so good!

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