Lest We Forget: Jim Fregosi Was Handsome

Boyishly so,


and then dreamily so;


ruggedly so,


and craggily so, to the last;


indeed, reader, not unlike America.

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2 Responses to “Lest We Forget: Jim Fregosi Was Handsome”

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  1. Tim Burwell says:

    This is the equivalent of homering in four straight at-bats. I’m 0-3 with 2 K’s so far, my last at-bat on its way.

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  2. Eben says:

    I am indeed saddened by the passing of this truly decent man. Some of my fondest memories in my teen years were watching Jim Fregosi on the baseball field with the Angels. You could tell that this talented player was enjoying himself, having fun, and he was a real players player. He played through a really golden time with the Angels and I think will always be remembered as helping the team gain respectability and professionalism. They just don’t make players like Jim Fregosi anymore in my opinion. God bless him and his entire family and I pray that he is now with real angels in heaven.

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