Let’s Go(ya) Mets!

In which the current straits of the New York Mets and their discontents are best communicated through the ghoulish works of Francisco José de Goya y Lucientes.

As you shall soon see, being a Mets fan in 2012 is not unlike being eaten by a god or ritually slaughtered by a French butcher …

It is like being eaten by a god.

It is like an unceasing glimpse into the abyss.

It is like being butchered for the sustenance of enemies.

It is like handing over infants to a succubus-goat.

It is like whatever this is.

Let’s Go(ya) Mets? Let’s Go(ya) … Mets.

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Carson Cistulli

Frankenstein dentist.

The last one’s like going to a Frankenstein dentist.


Over/Under on how many of these things actually happen to the Mets this year: 3.5.


Things don’t happen to the Mets, the Mets happen to things.