Literally: Evan Gattis “Congers” Up Images

The Seedlings to Stars blog at is keeping tabs on the winter leagues. Recently, they wrote up Evan Gattis, including this tidbit in the final paragraph:

Evan Gattis, with his barehanded hitting, size, and mug, congers up images of what one would imagine as the original, raw, old school power hitter.[Emphasis mine.]


Scouts are taking notice of Evan Gattis’s advanced control of the Conger Caldron.

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6 Responses to “Literally: Evan Gattis “Congers” Up Images”

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  1. Dave (UK) says:

    Is it just in the UK it is spelt ‘conjures’?

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  2. MSpitz says:

    LOL…I see what you did there

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  3. reillocity says:

    An inadvertent Conger comp may be a bad ohman for Gattis.

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  4. Phrozen says:

    Charlie Lau.

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  5. Simon Daillie says:

    Thanks for catching my error. Im actually more pleased that you are bothering to read my article that closely. It is indeed “conjure.” Conger is a word but with a different meaning. Conger is part of the latin name for a family of scaleless eels that are native to the Atlantic.

    Well done.

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