Logos… Made of Food

Yes, I too wonder where the hot dogs are.

Let’s see if we can answer your questions right out of the gate.

Yes, there is a site dedicated to making logos with food. Yes, that is an Oakland A’s logo made of relish and mustard. Yes, it’s both brilliant and useless. No, it isn’t plausible to ask anyone with any taste (cultural or epicurean) to eat a mustard and ketchup Pee-Wee Herman. Yes, the deconstructed red pepper of a Texas Rangers logo looks both disgusting and delicious, depending on how hungry you are and how much you like the Rangers. No, I do not want any pureed chicken salad, portobello mushroom and pepper Jason Voorhees. No, I do not know what the artist’s goals are. Yes, I also hope he really likes food that looks nigh inedible.

Hopefully that answers all your questions because thus concludes your lesson on the daguerreotype of the day.

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  1. Foogos says:

    I made all this stuff and I also don’t know what my goals in relation to this project are. Thanks for sharing it, though, and for teaching me a new word.

    Oh, and yes, I eat everything I make. The condiments I return to their proper containers. Yes, that is a major pain in the ass, but I HATE wasting food. It’s the reason I’m currently using the site to as a platform for a food drive to help Feeding America. Let me know if you’d like to contribute.



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  2. Bart says:

    Holy crap, this site is equal parts insane and awesome.

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