Malcolm Clapsaddle Surrounded by Malcolm McDowell, the Clap and a Saddle

The spats-wearing reader will recall the writer’s affections for a certain base-and-ball-ist and member of the landed gentry by the name of Malcolm Clapsaddle. His name, you will agree, is wondrous, a cornucopia within which are numberless sets of Russian nesting dolls, and within each of those: multitudes.

And so, still, yet, alas, thus, and alack this is Malcolm Clapsaddle surrounded by the things that one would suspect: Malcolm McDowell, a devastating gonorrhea culture and a saddle. It is thus because thus it is:

This has been Malcolm Clapsaddle surrounded by Malcolm McDowell, the clap and a saddle.

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8 Responses to “Malcolm Clapsaddle Surrounded by Malcolm McDowell, the Clap and a Saddle”

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  1. Profar and yet so close says:

    What are three things that have been in Dayn Perry’s Kitchen?

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  2. Malcolm “Mark Hamburger” Clapsaddle

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  3. What is the sound of one saddle clapping?

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  4. rambodiaz says:

    This daguerreotype is, in indisputable fact, worth 100,000 words.

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  5. Smorgasbord says:

    You can’t get the clap from a saddle, Dayn! It’s from unprotected sex!

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  6. deadhead says:

    True fact: it’s hard to come up with an excuse as to how you gave your girlfriend the clap.

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  7. martyn says:

    My partner’s ex said he caught pubic lice from ‘sleeping on the floor at a friend’s house’.

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  8. Brian says:

    It should have been Malcolm in the Middle. Then you could have put him in the middle.

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