Mark Reynolds Bites Again; Cody Ross Needs a Nap

You might remember a complacent Mark Reynolds munching some sunflower seeds after a Red Sox homerun last year. NotGraphs’ Navin Vaswani commented upon what quickly became one of the years biggest and best baseball memes.

Wondering, though, did anyone notice that last night, as the Orioles trounced the White Sox, that Reynolds took his seed addiction to a new level? During a plate appearance in which he would record an RBI double, Reynolds went to bat holding a sack of his preferred David’s brand sunflower seeds, ranch flavored. Upon arriving at second base, Reynolds rewarded himself with a mouthful of said.

Like a sugared carrot dangling afore a donkey, so are David’s ranch flavors to Mark Reynolds.

Mark Reynolds, toting the treat that would be consumed.

In other news, it’s rumored that, in his wisdom, Bud Selig is considering turning the Seventh Inning Stretch into a Seventh Inning Siesta. “We’re finding that in later innings, players, coaches, and umpires alike become increasingly crabby,” one Selig official remarked. “Since most teams are about ready to bring in a relief pitcher at that juncture anyway, we figured it be a good time for everyone to take a little nappy-poo.”

The proposal might be fast tracked after evidence mounted in yesterday’s contest between the Rays and the Red Sox. Consider:

Boston’s Cody Ross, overtired and diaper-full.

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2 Responses to “Mark Reynolds Bites Again; Cody Ross Needs a Nap”

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  1. ettin says:

    After the game Mark went out on the town and shared his ranch-flavored delight with all those he ran into…. He spread his seed.

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  2. Patrick says:

    I just dropped the Human Strike-out Reynolds for Ike Davis, I know they’re just about even anyway minus the 3rd eligibility for Strikeout, but that was the weak spot in my line-up anyway. And with the Mets fences in hopefully Oft Injured Ike can get 500 Ab’s this season? Good move???

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