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Mark Reynolds: Perhaps Not As Complacent As We Once Thought

When we last saw Mark Reynolds, he was being complacent and inspiring an internet meme.

With one poorly/perfectly timed mouthful of sunflower seeds, hundreds of photoshops were born:

As it turns out, we may have been a bit premature in our judgments of Mr. Reynolds’s character. You see, recent .gifographic evidence via Orioles-Nation.com┬ádefinitively shows him in a state of non-complacency:

In the ninth inning of Wednesday’s thrilling game against the Red Sox, Nolan Reimold hit a two out double to tie the game at three and Mark Reynolds went absolutely bonkers.

It appears that a mea culpa is in order. Mr. Reynolds, on behalf of everyone who drew conclusions about your character based on a single photograph, I apologize. BUT, on behalf of everyone who participated in perpetuating this meme by photoshopping that image of you into other photographs to humorous effect, I do not apologize. Those photoshops were hilarious.

Bouncing high five to Jordan Tuwiner of Orioles Nation for the master .giffery.