Marlins’ New Center-Field Camera Is Also Excellent

Perhaps the reader will feel inclined to file this under Old Effing News, Asshole, but the News in question is New to the present author, and thus it is rendered here in the important and electronic pages of NotGraphs.

The New News is this: the Marlins’ new center-field camera angle (pictured above) is excellent — and joins the Pirates’ new center-field camera in the totally fictional and not-real Most Improved Camera category.

That gives us seven straight-on center-field cameras now, as follow (see all camera angles here):

• Atlanta
• Baltimore*
• Boston
• Miami
• Pittsburgh
• St. Louis
• Tampa Bay

*Mostly straight-on. Like, 95%.

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Is the height of the Twins’ camera so offensive that you chose to omit it?

Illinois glass M. Michael Sheets Jr.
Illinois glass M. Michael Sheets Jr.

No, it’s fairly obvious the Twins themselves that can’t produce any offense.

Kyle H
Kyle H

Balitimores has gotten less centered this year as the did some renovations right by where the camera is