Matt Harvey’s First Three Swinging-Strikes Tonight

Mets right-hander Matt Harvey is facing Nationals right-hander Stephen Strasburg right now, an event which Americans are duty-bound to watch — unless, that is, they have other plans or merely don’t want to.

Here are Harvey’s first three swinging strikes of the night, from the first inning. Note that (a) all three whiffs are on fastballs and that (b) the league average swinging-strike rate for fastballs is merely 6%, according to Texas Leaguers.

Here’s the first swinging strike, to retire leadoff batter Denard Span:

Harvey Span 1

Here’s a second one, to Jayson Werth:

Harvey Werth FA 2

And also the third one, to Bryce Harper:

Harvey Harper FA 3

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23 Responses to “Matt Harvey’s First Three Swinging-Strikes Tonight”

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  1. John says:

    Dear MLB blackout policy:

    F U



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    • Chris says:

      Unblock-US is a wonderful thing. $5 a month and I watch all the Jays home games despite ALL OF CANADA being the blackout zone for Toronto

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  2. JT says:

    no sliders?

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  3. Mike says:

    That pitch to Harper is filthy – such late movement… I mean all 3 are good I just like the Harper pitch the most. Is it just me or are Harper’s hips FLYING open???

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  4. Mike says:

    It’s me… I take it back I like the Werth K the best – he looks like he really thinks he has a pitch to hit…

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  5. cass says:

    Why do people swing and miss at Harvey’s fastball but tee off of Strasburg’s? Is this something to do with the pitch or the fact that Strasburg is more extensively scouted?

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    • busch says:

      Strasburg wasn’t commanding his fastball as well. He fell behind hitters early and they could sit back on the fastball.

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  6. Robo says:

    I’m in MASN’s broadcast area and generally avoid watching Nats games because their broadcast team gets on my nerves, but the allure of Harvey v. Strasburg was too tempting to resist. After watching Harvey carve up Denard Span in three pitches to lead off the game I was instantly rewarded for my decision.

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    • cass says:

      I assure you, as a Nats fan, the broadcast team gets on our nerves too. But we put up with them because we love the team and, well, at least Dibble is no longer broadcasting our games…

      It was almost comical during the “bad years” when they’d boast about and talk up the greatness of players like Rick Ankiel. When the team succeeds and they brag about them, then I can see how it’d grate on the nerves of non-fans more rather than just being funny.

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      • ncb says:

        I like F.P. and think he is making fun of himself half of the time. Carpenter has got to be one of the worst play by play guys in baseball. Such a homer as well.

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  7. brazen reader says:

    I did a Google Image search for “matt harveys teeth” and didn’t regret it. The number one suggested search, however, was “Matt Harvey’s sister” and THAT one I regret because it delivered an odious image of Twisted Sister.

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  8. Matt Harvey's Teeth says:

    Ithey all swung under the pitch expecting it to dive which it didn’t.
    Also I looked myself up on google images and regretted it.

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    • cus says:

      Harvey’s change is as much a threat now as Strasburg’s was last year. My completely unsupported opinion is that Strasburg is having more trouble locating the change this year.

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  9. Matt Mosher says:

    That is just filthy.

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  10. Sandy says:

    Matt Harvey is a bull dog. I saw him pitch with blood coming out of his nose. He wiped it off and struck out the batter….

    I hope your a Met fan?

    Check out my blog….I live in NY..


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