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May Day Dotes: Colón, McDonald, Perkins

Briefest of giddy dotings for May Day:

Darnell McDonald Does His Best Manny Ramirez

If you’re like me — or, if you’re like Darnell McDonald — you can’t wait for Manny to get to be Manny on a baseball field again. Darnell pays great tribute to Manny, perhaps hoping to harness some of that power.

Manny at left, Darnell at right. Psyche!

Bartolo Colón, Perfect Oval

I really, really love Bartolo Colón. He’s a great comeback story, and his impeccable efficiency, control, and command have made him a delight to watch this season so far. This all does not mention his adorable rotundity.

The photo below offers two more reasons to love him: (1) the casual flipping of the ball in the air reveals a childlike immersion in the game, and (2) his body, objectively and fittingly, abides a perfectly ovular posture.

I call it, Bartoloval.

Glen Perkins Gets Some Action

In case any of you lose sleep worrying about the sex life of Glen Perkins, don’t: