Meaningless Infographics #1: 2012 wOBA by Birthplace

Where do they raise the best hitters? Well, now we know: in the Commonwealth of Hafner. And don’t you start with me on sample size.

Numbers represent averaged wOBAs of all qualifying hitters born in that state/country. Labels represent regional wOBA leaders. Click to embiggen.

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15 Responses to “Meaningless Infographics #1: 2012 wOBA by Birthplace”

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  1. Johnny Hummusbeard says:

    Ryan Zachary Braun, dubious haver of a .325-.350 wOBA.

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  2. Terence says:

    This thing is broken. I count three Astros.

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  3. Jack says:

    What’s up with Michigan? It went from being the 2nd most awesome looking state (Oklahoma obviously takes the cake), to an amorphous blob of idiocy.

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  4. Mississippi Matt Smith says:

    …which, with a population of ten million, is incapable of producing A SINGLE QUALIFYING MAJOR LEAGUE HITTER. (Though don’t count out Casper Wells, Nate McLouth, Mitch Maier, or Chris Getz just yet.) Are you listening, Michigan?? Are you ashamed??

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  5. Michigan says:

    The great state of Michigan proposes that we receive patrial credit for Derek Jeter.

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    • Mississippi Matt Smith says:

      Which would leave NJ with only Jason Heyward, who would promptly be claimed by Georgia. Have a heart.

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  6. chiefglockandhummer says:

    haha! suck it, kansas

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  7. Token Canadian says:

    What gives? Canada should be a rich burnt umber thanks to the true native son Joey Votto.

    We don’t have anything to do with that cheater Ryan Braun.

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  8. reillocity says:

    I would love to see a piece (map) where each US state is renamed to a current MLBer’s surname along with a rationale where appropriate. Maine becomes Maine, Texas becomes Tejada, Illinois (or Nebraska) becomes Lincoln, South Dakota becomes Pierre, Hawaii (or Florida) becomes Beachy, Michigan becomes Hand (or Fister), Louisiana becomes Encarnacion, etc.

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    • airfigaro says:

      this would be better without the rationale.

      Maine becomes Giancarlo, Texas becomes Randy, Illinois becomes Carp, etc.

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  9. olethros says:

    Create one of these including career numbers of all major leaguers ever, and make it adjustable over time. Of course, then it might no longer be actually useless. How the hell is David Freese in Texas, by the way?

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