Mega-Post about the Nationals’ Playoff Chances

Is it the ’86 Mets fan in me that roots for the Nationals entirely because of Davey Johnson? Is it Strasburg? Harper? Is it the fact that they seemed to be building a perpetual contender in exactly the right way, and so their failure to make the playoffs feels like a failure of the kind of process smart fans like us root for? Is rooting for the Nationals like rooting for ourselves?

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12 Responses to “Mega-Post about the Nationals’ Playoff Chances”

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  1. Francis says:

    I would think cheering for the Nationals is recognizing the greatness of those who helped the team be where it is today, Loria and Selig.

    (sorry still bitter…)

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  2. Gyre says:

    It’s just Karma!
    Arrogance last year leads to this years flop
    and the lack of a clear successor disturbing the team
    note to Mlb managers, never, never announce early

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  3. yaboynate says:

    Do not be troubled by thoughts such as these.

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  4. cass says:

    It’ll just make the 2014 World Series win all the more sweet.

    And anyone who thinks that protecting a pitcher shows “arrogance” should really just start watching the NFL and never be allowed to watch a baseball game again cause they’re too stupid for the sport*.

    Shutting down Strasburg was the right move. Other teams do the same thing all the time and no one says anything because the pitcher’s name isn’t “Strasburg”. Somehow, Strasburg and Harper became just about the most famous young players in the sport and everything that happens to them is taken way out of proportion.

    *This is intentional hyperbole. But I really do think it’s insane how much criticism the move got. The accusations of arrogance were nuts. And Davey Johnson said “World Series or bust.” not “We are World Series Champions already!”. It turned out to be bust. But any team in the same situation would be going all in. The Nats had the best record in baseball last year.

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    • Gyre says:

      Apparently you forgot the “We’ll get there” comments by team personnel.
      Fooseball is for those that like hyperbole.. alot

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    • Justin says:

      Smart teams don’t shut down their best pitchers before the playoffs “all the time”.

      Smart teams ride those pitchers to World Series titles.

      Think about it – the move was about as dumb as it could be. You have a team with the best record in baseball, World Series favorites even. The opportunity to win has never been better, and there’s no guarantee or even suggestion that it will ever be that big again in the future.

      But, you shut down your ace, because you might be able to win a World Series or two in the future.

      To quote the commercial: Hello. I’m opportunity, and I’m knocking.

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  5. All Hail Simba says:

    as a braves fan, this natonals season is a reminder of how you cant take anything for granted as baseball fan. its been a sweet reminder that some teams KNOW how to do things the right way to be consistently successful in the MLB and some teams just think that they deserve the success. With how cocky and arrogant everyone involved with the gNats have been since last year (from Davey Johnson to Harper to Werth to Espinosa and even the fans) its feels great to see them get what they deserve… Nothing but some time off in October

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    • cass says:

      Harper has been cocky for getting hit about a hundred times by Braves pitchers until they finally had to retaliate? What crazy world are you living in? Braves fans showed an utter lack of class applauding their own pitcher when throwing at a players head.

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      • All Hail Simba says:

        I seem to remember him crying about getting hit in the leg and the back (none of which were intentional, which was obvious if you know anything about situational baseball). And he is cocky for all the shit he and the rest of the gNats talked about the Braves all year while losing the season series 13-6 and getting swept twice by the Bravos. Sorry, but hype doesnt decide who wins the WS, its decided on the field. So how about show up next year and quit crying bc your overrated team didnt win

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    • Daniel says:

      a troll on notgraphs? disgraceful

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  6. Lenard says:

    Well, playing in Washington probably means that they were going to be forced to shut down anyways, which would have lead to a big mess in the playoff picture.

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