Melky Cabrera High Fives Joe West

On June 10th of last season, in the fifth inning of a Braves-Diamondbacks game, Martin Prado hit an infield single to third base. Teammate Melky Cabrera took third on the play. Famous umpire Joe West called time to allow then-Arizona coach A.J. Hinch to make a pitching change.

Then this happened:

Deep, prostrating bows to Peter Hjort of Capitol Avenue Club for drawing our attention to this almost forgotten event and Jeff Sullivan of Lookout Landing for his unparalleled .gif-ing skills.

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13 Responses to “Melky Cabrera High Fives Joe West”

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  1. Chris Cwik says:

    I think we can all guess what happened next…

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  2. rodg12 says:

    Melky being Melky…

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  3. Karcotte says:


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  4. Eric says:

    Melky gonna melk

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  5. telemakhos says:

    This makes me forgive melky for last year’s negative WAR

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  6. bgrosnick says:

    Part of the beauty of this is that it’s not JUST a high-five. It’s a high-five deadpan joy assault on a (presumably) unwilling participant. Just as Melky Cabrera forced his way into lineups from New York to Kansas City, he has just as callously forced his way into a Joe West high-five, and thusly into NotGraphs. I’d offer him a high-five, but he’d probably just take one anyway without my permission.

    There are so many ways this brief scene can be interpreted. Pattycake? Joe West luring him into a false sense of security before an ejection/country music concert? Melky is just so happy to be on base that he loses himself in the moment?

    Mind. Blown.

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    • glassSheets says:

      He was the beneficiary of an IBB to get to Tommy Hanson.

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      • AK707 says:

        Doesn’t make sense – melky is clearly standing on 3B, did they really IBB him all the way to third just to show how poor a hitter they think Hanson is? Its a lot of work to IBB somebody and balk them over to third. I mean, I would have done that to get to melky, but not Hanson. Those pitchers run into one occasionally when they close their eyes.

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  7. Davis says:

    Wait, so was Joe West calling time, or was he actually offering a high-five?

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  8. njq says:

    Its time for a Joe West Graphs site now, right?

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