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Meme Attempt: Eric Sogard

Thinking man’s base ball-ist Eric Sogard is, natch, something of a local hero on these electric pages. So because of his heroism and because he is indubitably a Thing That Contains Multitudes, we are duty-bound to make a not a man out of him — I feel certain that Raquel Welch and Adrienne Barbeau have already attended to those refreshing matters — but rather make a meme out of him.

What follows is this Internetting Gentleman’s — this memesmith’s, this smither of memes’s — attempt to do just that …

Eric Sogard is a totem of adorability.

Eric Sogard is available for corporate seminars and diversity training.

Eric Sogard is tanned, rested, confident, and always with a phallus near at hand.

Social upheaval is no match for Eric Sogard’s heavy-petting chops.

Multitudes, container thereof.

Eric Sogard is wont to tell a communist, “Pump your brakes, son.”

Eric Sogard.

Mr. Eric Sogard, you have, however fecklessly, been memed.