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Michael Young’s Biggest Fan Asks “Are you Michael Young?”

A few days ago, Michael Young met his biggest fan: Three-year-old Gavin Justice-Farmer. You may remember the youthful Justice-Farmer from such homemade videos as “Breaking the Michael Young news to a three-year-old….

Baseball’s — actually, sports’ — best fans are its youngest. They’re innocent; pure. They don’t yet know how to look up Michael Young’s very average 2010 numbers; his .335 wOBA and 104 wRC+. Hell, if Michael Young isn’t in his Texas Rangers uniform, the Gavine Justice-Farmers of the world don’t recognize him at all.

“What 3-year-old gets to meet their baseball idol and hero?” Kim Justice said. “Michael walked in and Gavin expected him to be in his uniform. He asked him, ‘Are you Michael Young?’ He looked at me and asked the same question.”

In all seriousness, much respect to Young and his wife Cristina for arranging the meet-and-greet. I’m sure it was a thrill for little Gavin, a day he’ll never forget. While he certainly could use some more time poking around on FanGraphs, Gavin’s a smart one, as evidenced by the following:

“[Gavin] asks me about Michael every day,” Justice said. “He asks, ‘Is he still with the Rangers? He’s not going to the Yankees, is he?’ …”

Three-years-old and Gavin already knows the New York Yankees are the enemy. Kid’s got a bright future.

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