Miguel Olivo Hulk Smash

Miguel Olivo thought his bat could have done a better job Tuesday, so he told him so.


Apologies to Carlos Perez, but Brian Wilson‘s feedback to the water cooler on July first, 2011 — that has a touch more Hulk in its smash.


Not impressed? Wilson’s final judgement is directed at you, then.


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  1. jwise224 says:

    Nothing helps baseball’s integrity like players and managers acting like misbehaven children. Makes for sweet gifs, though.

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  2. Nate says:

    Dialogue to accompany the last GIF:

    “Hey. Hey there, buddy. Sorry I threw you against that wall a second ago. I didn’t mean it. Are you hurt? Here, let me see. Show me where it hurts. BOOM! WHAT NOW? YOU WANT A LITTLE PIECE OF THE BEARD? WELL, HERE YOU GO. THERE’S ENOUGH FOR EVERYONE. NOW HOW DO YOU LIKE THEM APPLES?”

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  3. Huisj says:

    I hope whacking that thing with a bat didn’t contribute to Wilson’s injury problems. He’s only pitched a total of 18 innings since then.

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    • RC says:

      I kind of hope it did. If he’s been injured just because, then it’s only fair to feel bad for him. If he’s been injured because he’s an idiot, then it’s ok to laugh at him for it.

      And I enjoy nothing if not laughing at Brian Wilson.

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  4. Choo says:

    These images make me wonder how I might grieve at the end of my baseball career . . . that is what these are. Not single failure rage, but anger in the great reckoning, that baseball is impermanent, the firm handshake that does not let go as The Game leads you to the exit, please don’t make a scene, thank you and good night.

    What in baseball deserves our trust?
    Youth and Skill both are dust.

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