MiLB.TV Feed Doubles as Helpful Traffic Webcam

Almost notable prospects Stephen Landazuri and Dario Pizzano played for the Double-A Jackson Generals today, the latter recording his fifth home run in just over 100 plate appearances for that Mariners affiliate (box).

Of perhaps even greater interest, however — at least to anyone who finds himself compelled to drive along I-40 outside of Jackson, Tennessee — is that the Generals MiLB.TV feed also serves as an entirely useful traffic webcam for that same stretch of American freeway.

The author can report with some certainty, for example — owing to the GIF embedded here — that at 1:05pm ET today traffic was running smoothly along the aforementioned highway. As for the conditions on that same interstate at the moment, this is a different questions.

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5 Responses to “MiLB.TV Feed Doubles as Helpful Traffic Webcam”

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  1. trevorwallison says:

    This is the exact reason for which NotGraphs was created. We just never knew it until now.

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  2. The Return of Rambo Diaz says:

    Someone needs to address the issue of the Third Baseman. He appears lost, forlorn.

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  3. Matt M says:

    Look at that camera shot. With today’s technology, it is a shame the quality of is so awful. It’s an awesome product in concept, but only about 20% of the teams participate and the video quality is pathetic.

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  4. Oilers21 says:

    It looks like they are playing in a disused golf driving range, complete with ripped saggy netting

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