Understates Brett Wallace’s Thunder Thighs

On the repository of human knowledge known as “Urban Dictionary,” the third definition of “thunder thighs” is “a pair of big ass thighs.”

Observe, Brett Wallace:

Judging purely by the definition above (i.e, “a pair of big ass thighs”), Brett Wallace has thunder thighs. But, as you will most keenly observe,’s GameDay most certainly sells said thunder thighs short:

Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately), Gameday simply doesn’t have the ability to project total realism. I guess all technologies have their limitations. In Gameday’s case, it’s thunder thighs.

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9 Responses to “ Understates Brett Wallace’s Thunder Thighs”

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  1. jonny lee says:

    seriously? you thought this was worth your time writing?

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  2. CSJ says:

    Regarding large-thighed people:

    A friend spent some time with a non thigh-challenged female watching the movie “The Perfect Storm.” My comment to him: “I’ll bet it was the perfect storm with those thunder thighs wrapped around you.”

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  3. glassSheets says:

    Wait, you still use the old version of Gameday?

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  4. Aaron W. says:

    Thunder Thighs must have a potent effect on Wallace’s strike zone, enabling the pitcher to strike him out on only two pitches.

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  5. Ashley says:

    This guy has some pretty big legs if you ask me, he needs to learn how to get skinny legs.

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