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MLB Holiday Greeting Card Ideas

It’s November 26, and that means that the holiday season is upon us. Black Friday has passed, Cyber Monday is already in its twilight, and Sign a Former Rockies Starter Wednesday is just around the corner, which means that those of you who haven’t arranged your seasonal festivities had best put your lives in order. The helpful staff at NotGraphs, naturally, are here to help you with your baseball-oriented commercial/spiritual/socially-required Christmas shopping. Today, our focus lies in that outdated, impersonal, yet time-consuming art, the Christmas card.

Christmas cards contain the sole function of sharing unwanted information about yourself to people you would rather avoid communicating with directly. And despite the fact that said task is now completely fulfilled by Facebook, you may find yourself in need of an expensive piece of cardstock to convey the emotions you wish to appear to have. This can be a daunting task! Empathizing with other people is always a rigorous and demanding affair, even with people you know well and care something about. Fortunately, baseball is recognized for its ability to being people together and give them a common bond without providing any regrettably personal or intimate contact with your fellow man.

In this spirit, then, the marriage of personalized greeting card with the expressed written consent of Major League Baseball is long overdue. Simply click on these virtual samples below to read the heartfelt messages inside!

For example, you can convey your congratulations to your friend in the Midwest over his new acquisition:

Or, perhaps your distant acquaintance is going through a bit of a rough patch:

Or, for a more personal missive:

MLB Holiday Greeting Cards can fit any mood. Stock up on a few dozen, and treasure the magic of making someone’s day, assuming they don’t accidentally throw it out with the grocery store coupons and roofing leaflets!