MLB Network’s Secret Hall of Fame Coverage

Starting tonight!


7:00 PM You’re A Good Man, Charlie Gehringer

8:00 PM Rudolph the Red-Nosed Voter

9:00 PM Don Sutton’s Hair Tips


7:00 PM Highlights from previous Hall of Fame Induction Ceremonies

7:04 PM Mike Mussina: Actually Pretty Darn Good, an MLB Network original special.

8:00 PM Alou’s The Boss

8:30 PM Walker: Colorado Rockie

9:00 PM Loaizaguy

9:30 PM Andre Dawson’s Creek


9:00 AM Murray Chass and Jack Morris stroke each other’s mustaches live on TV for an hour.

10:00 AM Barbara Walters Special: 10 Most Fascinating Hall of Fame Voters, featuring interviews with beat reporters from around the country and covering topics like “best chili in Phoenix,” and “what makes for a good-quality pencil?”

11:00 AM Hall of Fame Results Announcement Red Carpet Special, with Joan and Melissa Rivers analyzing the fashion do’s and don’ts among baseball sportswriters.

12:00 PM Hall of Fame Results Announcement

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2 Responses to “MLB Network’s Secret Hall of Fame Coverage”

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  1. Menthol says:

    You forgot “CSI: Roger Clemens’s Buttock”

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  2. Dogfish Pride, Bro says:

    Loaizaguy is a re-run. Or in syndication.

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