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MLB’s Black Friday Deals

One backup catcher, 30+, on-base skills sold separately. Similar products have been flying off the shelves. (So if you missed out on Barajas, Blanco, Doumit, Laird, Schneider, Treanor, act fast, or Jason/Ramon Kendall/Castro will soon be yours!)

One outfielder, highly used, for the price of ten. $4,500,000 [SOLD OUT]

One 37-year-old shortstop who has 32 career triples, none since 2009. With Barmes, Bloomquist, and Jason McDonald already off the market… oh, whatever, there’s nothing funny about the idea of Orlando Cabrera ending up on your favorite team in 2012.

One relief pitcher, well-rested, hardly touched, astonishingly still just 27 years old. Wow, Joel Zumaya is really still just 27 years old. Health insurance sold separately. Very much separately. Gosh. 27 years old.

Broken pitcher, final sale. $4,000,000 [SOLD OUT]