More Bad Spring Training Pics

As fans, when Spring Training comes round, we thirst for any whispers coming from down south. The more we hear about baseball, the more real it becomes. Reporters know this, and have taken to tweeting out pictures from Spring Training camps to feed our insatiable hunger. Some aren’t so great. They can be blurry, or taken from a far distance, or not really actually of anything of note. There is a whole Internet web site devoted to this. We may poke fun, but I still consider these art. With that idea in mind, I have created my own Bad Spring Training Pics using nothing but Google and a free image editing computer program. I’m not at Spring Training yet, but that does not mean I can’t partake in some of this good-time action.

The entrance to Salt River Flats in Arizona


Byron Buxton’s elbow


Salvador Perez’s ear


Joe Girardi’s swimsuit area


The brim of Carlos Marmol’s hat

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