More Baseball Card Swag: Larry Walker Trucker Hat

This is a trucker hat. With a Montreal Expos Larry Walker baseball card printed on the front. From the eBay listing description:

We acquired this rare cap and many others from a direct family relative of LARRY WALKER in Maple Ridge, B.C. – his home town! :)

Personally, I’m not the biggest fan of the trucker hat style but I do think this is a brilliant idea as far as cap logos go. I just don’t think I’d drop 22 bucks on it (plus shipping and handling!).

Hat tip to Matt Clapp of Sharapova’s Thigh and his readers, 89% of whom would rock this style as of this writing.

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2 Responses to “More Baseball Card Swag: Larry Walker Trucker Hat”

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  1. Resolution says:

    If only they had the back of the baseball card printed on the inside of the cap…

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  2. Patrick says:

    Aesthetically speaking, wouldn’t the Upper Deck variant have made a better choice? Although, to be fair, the Topps card does have a visible mullet.

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