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Most Popular Searches at NotGraphs This Week


As one might suppose, social media sites like Facebook and Twitter drive considerable traffic both to FanGraphs and its subsidiaries. Also important, of course, are the page views generated by searches made on Google and elsewhere. Below are the seven searches which mostly commonly brought readers to NotGraphs this week.

babkdoor cutter
A popular pitch type in Polish Baseball League, one assumes.

dayn perry obituary
Present most weeks among this site’s popular searches. Not surprising, as Perry is constantly on the verge of death or worse.

dayn perry sex tape betamax
Entirely sensible once noted that anyone interested in Dayn Perry sex tape likely also is owner of Betamax VCR.

Korean for “FanGraphs,” it seems. Brings many (likely sorry) users to NotGraphs, also seems.

my son is small and wants to play college baseball
Likely authored, at one point or another, by all parents of this site’s contributors.

olympia dukakis sex tape
Strangely, all searches of this sort lead directly to contributor Patrick Dubuque’s posts.