Mostly Justified Bat-Flip Alert: Hyun-Jin Ryu

Ryu Flip 2

There are those who will contend that — contrary to the claims being made by the author in the title of this post — that what Dodgers pitcher Hyun-Jin Ryu is captured doing here, in this artisanally crafted animated GIF file, doesn’t constitute a bat flip proper.

What those people don’t understand is, is that the author is paid to make breezy comments about trivial baseball occurrences. And also that, relative to an infinite universe, that all is trivial, actually. And also that we’re, all of us, cadavers merely awaiting our future caskets.

Credit to internet user/abuser urbuddy haysoos for bringing the author’s attention to this Moment in History.

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7 Responses to “Mostly Justified Bat-Flip Alert: Hyun-Jin Ryu”

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  1. SDIAZ says:

    Contrary to Mike Newman, I think Yasiel should be promoted to LA if only to teach the art of the bat flip to the likes of Ryu and others unitiated. There is a complete lack of loft to this flip, also the spin is loose and needs to be tightened. It is almost as though Ryu is trying to get out of the batters box quickly in case the ball remained in play. That demonstrates a decided lack of confidence.

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  2. You forgot very important.

    Or is very important an inherent redundancy?

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  3. Epicurus says:

    2 comments. 1 question.

    Your anxiety over death stems from your belief that it is final and limitless. But, really, that’s precisely the reason you shouldn’t fear it. If you dispense with the notion that you’re apt to receive punishment in the afterlife, you can concentrate on actualizing the true limitless potential that exists in this world–which is in living life.

    Now, to the matter at hand–while I’m not in favor of definitions–the nature of the bat flip form is nonetheless an intesting question and one that ought be considered by the Notgraphs staff (doubly so given the potential call-up of Puig). Where do you stand? Is there an ideal bat flip that exists, only to be approximated in earthly form? Should we take a different view?

    No, no. These are not trivial questions.

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  4. Dexter Bobo says:

    The author of this comment also enjoys referring to himself in the third person for no reason whatsoever other than to sound like an pretentious ass.

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