Mr. Met Is About to Have Sex

Within these very dog-eared pages, David G. Temple, freelance sexecutioner, noted that baseball as a social phenomenon lends itself to culminating hubba hubba.

Among the instances of such was this:

A Whore's Entreaty

The sexual enthusiast will be pleased to know that the obliging Mr. Met, whose dirty protuberance is at all times veiny, boing-boing and purpled, consented to the madame’s wishes.

On the shores of Far Rockaway, amid the medical-waste flotsam, love was made …

Coitus Rising

You must change your life.

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Handsome Dayn Perry can be found making love to the reader at's Eye on Baseball. He is available for all your Twitter needs.

7 Responses to “Mr. Met Is About to Have Sex”

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  1. AC of DC says:

    Sometimes, Perry, you do right. You do real good right.

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  2. JuanPierreDoesSteroids says:

    Any Notgraphs reader of the fairer sex who wants to meet Mr. Dayn Perry now knows that she must solicit a fictional (and frictional) favor on Craigs List.

    Use a headline along the lines of “Looking for furrie loe of the monotreme variety. Echidna penis not optional -w4m – 18ish (Any Dive Bar)” He should come running.

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  3. WARNING says:

    If Mr. Met’s nose remains like this for 4 hours, he should seek medical attention IMMEDIATELY.

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  4. Londo Narcissus says:

    Two hearts became one…

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  5. fast at last says:

    For some reason I felt extremely uncomfortable reading the word “sex” in a fangraphs headline.

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  6. jcxy says:

    Fact: From Here to Eternity actually holds up as a decent film.

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