Munenori Kawasaki Warming Up

Some things are worth being certain about. When your cat is begging for food, it is worth being certain he has not already eaten and thereby just being a fatso. Because if you feed your cat too much, he will eat himself into your wallet, pilfer your hard-earned cash for cat-related medical bills. So take the extra moment to consider, “Did I already feed this fatso this morning?”

Likewise, when Munenori Kawasaki commissions a new series of GIFs, the artistic baseball community needs to see them. It is a thing worth being certain about. I want to be certain the NotGraphs readers have seen Ben Halpern’s GIFs of Munenori Kawasaki warming up:




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  1. Guy says:

    i could watch that one of him upside down allll dayyyy

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  2. It’s worth noting that Kawasaki is both (a) standing on his hands and (b) swiveling erotically in a chair at precisely 3pm ET — whereas more of us are unable to do even one of those things at once.

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  3. overlookhotel says:

    Churn that butter!

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  4. scout1222 says:

    I love this guy! He is so wonderfully giffable.

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  5. HP says:

    wax on, wax off.

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  6. Timb says:

    The existence of GIFs were created for Kawasaki.

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  7. Hank Hill says:

    So are you Chinese or Japanese?

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  8. Maverick Squad says:

    When old school baseball types talk about ‘intangibles’ is this what they mean? Is this what keeps Munenori in the Majors?

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  9. reillocity says:

    GIF and a Tune request: These + “Maniac”

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