Mustache Watch: Brendan Ryan

Little to nothing is going right for the Seattle Mariners this year. Save for the mustaches of Eric Wedge and now Brendan Ryan, and, well, all their stellar pitching, Seattle’s 2011 season is a lost one.

Amid all that losing, though, Ryan has found reason to smile. He does, after all, lead the Mariners in WAR. And if you’re wondering what Ryan’s mustache has to do with his team-leading 2.1 WAR, the answer is obvious: everything.

Image credit: Reuters, via daylife.

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Look at the cocky torontonian, bustin on’ the Mariners like their pitching don’t exist.

e-High Five for mentioning their stellar pitching, but having the gonads to say team-leading with regards to Ryan twice like it aint no thang.