Mustache Watch: Fleet Walker’s Bobblehead

Flourishing almost a hundred years before the birth of Pharrell Williams, Fleet Walker was the original black nerd. Not only did Walker run his own newspaper and manage an opera house, but, as a graduate of Oberlin College, he likely could fashion a pipe out of any number of household items.

It was for this — and also probably how he was the first African-American in the majors* — that the Toledo Mud Hens presented the first thousand fans at this past Monday’s game with a Moses Fleetwood Walker bobblehead.

*Evidence suggests that William Edward White appeared in one game with the Providence Grays in 1879, but was hardly a fixture in the team like Walker.

The attentive reader will note that Walker’s excellent mustache was not neglected in the creation of this True Collector’s Item. The attentive reader is also invited to cast his eyes below, where (upon clicking) an alarmingly sized image of said bobblehead is available for consumption-via-eyes.

Images courtesy Ben’s Biz Blog.

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