Mustache Watch: Randy Savage

Behold, fathom and regard …

No, contrary to appearances, that’s not the bassist for Grand Funk backstage in a Cards jersey. That’s Randy Poffo, vastly better known by his nom de guerre, Randy “Macho Man” Savage. As you can plainly see, even as a fresh-faced youth the Macho Man was fond of buccaneering sojourns at the gun show, albeit a gun show less enhanced than in later, more famous years.

The image comes to us via this thoroughly adequate SI piece on the Macho Man’s minor-league baseball career. Said baseball career was rather forgettable — inasmuch as quality time with Tito Landrum can ever be “forgettable” — but the recently departed Poffo’s legend within the squared circle is secure and will remain so until the mountains crumble into the sea.

And speaking of the mountains crumbling into the sea, any ideas as to what spared us from the tentatively scheduled rapture last Saturday? Yeah, that’s right, a certain former minor-league catcher spared us from the tentatively scheduled rapture last Saturday …

Oooh. Yeah.

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  1. glassSheets says: word of the day is “sojourn”. Is that an intentional usage?

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    • Dayn Perry says:

      Unfortunate coincidence. Do you believe me?

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      • glassSheets says:

        I do for now, but only because your most recent posts did not include “prink”, “longueur”, or “foofaraw”… This could be the first in a new trend in Dayn Perry posts though and I would not know any better.

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  2. Looks like the Macho Man snapped into the Judeo-Christian God.

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  3. reillocity says:

    “squared circle” has to be one of the all-time great professional wrestling commentator phrases … I am(was) also a big fan of their repeated use of “solar plexus” – I don’t even think physicians use that anatomical term.

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  4. TheBigDawg says:

    Squared Circle is a classic, but whatever happened to the Fireman’s Carry and the Suplex? Somehow they were lost with the great art that was.

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  5. Razor Ray says:

    put bryce harper on watch ASAP!!!!!!

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