Mustache Watch: Ye Olde John Jaso

The Tampa Bay Rays have not had a proper submission to the Mustache Watch archives since the days of Dale Thayer — which actually predates the Watch — so it is good to see them aim for a late-season push with quality submissions such as the above-featured John Jaso.

In the presented image, we Jaso’s mantastic face-stache displays some of its incredible flexibility, miming the governial concernedness of Nehemiah Green, Kansas’s most famous fourth governor:

Then, in yet another display of rapid displaymanship, Jaso presents a proper Franz Josef:

Clearly, the similarity is uncanny:

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7 Responses to “Mustache Watch: Ye Olde John Jaso”

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  1. Dayn Perry says:

    It’s a look I like to call, “The Exploitative Railroad Baron.”

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  2. Resolution says:

    Jaso is just mad in that second pic because he knows they’re showing the primitive, flawed statistic of batting average instead of a metric he routinely scores two standard deviations above the mean in: swagger

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  3. kick me in the GO NATS says:

    My wife was saying the 80s were back in style the other day. Yea the 1880s!!!!!

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  4. Aaron W. says:

    Jaso just polished off some fool’s milkshake.

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