Nearly Current Event: MLB.TV Now Available for 2013

MLB.TV features high-resolution graphics for your viewing pleasure.

As’s Mark Newman noted not very many days ago, MLB.TV is now available in exchange for American, and maybe other kinds of, currency.

The rates this year are $109.99 for the old and dusty basic service and $129.99 for the refulgent and inspirational Premium service — the latter figure having increased five dollars, it seems, from the 2012 charge.

Besides that — and perhaps a more robust list of compatible connected devices — things seem roughly unchanged.

Of note, probably: MLB advertises 150 spring-training games, beginning on or near February 21st. I asked Newman via email if a schedule of existed of which spring-training specfically might be available to MLB.TV subscribers. To which question he responded (promptly!) that MLB hoped to have the schedule posted sometime next week.

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  1. Patrick says:

    Unfortunately, it appears that the ridiculous blackout system is still in place.

    Map here:

    Interesting how 6 teams are blacked out in Iowa despite none actually playing there.

    I don’t have cable and would love to give my money directly to MLB to watch their games but if I cant watch the games I want to watch it just doesn’t make any sense.

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    • MW says:

      Getting around your blackout with a proxy hasn’t been hard in previous years, and it’s worth noting that if MLBAV wanted to make it hard, they could. My guess is that the guys building and running don’t like their contractual obligations any more than we do.

      There is good news on the blackout front, though, which is that the new MLB deal with FOX means that the FOX Saturday games are no longer blacked out nationally. That’ll be a nice change.

      And yes, Iowa gets totally screwed by blackouts. Sorry, Iowans.

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      • Brian says:

        Both Iowa and Vegas have that six team blackout rule for whatever reason despite the absence of any team. I’m pretty sure you can find other things to do in Vegas at least, but that could lead to 40% of games on the right nights being blacked out in either spot.

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  2. Toasty says:

    I hope they’ve put more effort into the apps for connected devices this year. The PS3 app last year frustrated me. Even though you need the premium service to use the app, and one of the most highly touted features of said service is the ability to have multiple feeds open at once, this feature could not be accessed through the PS3 interface. Also, there seemed to be no way to adjust the video quality, and it insisted on maintaining a quality unsustainable by my mediocre Internet service.

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  3. vivalajeter says:

    Whoever markets is doing a pretty poor job this season. A year ago, I asked my dad for a gift subscription for christmas. They sold it in December, with the option for a gift subscription. As christmas approached this year, I checked the website every day expecting that they’d finally offer it up for sale. It never happened. When they finally offered it for sale a few days ago, they don’t have a ‘gift’ option. So you can’t buy it as a gift, and you can’t buy it before christmas? How does that make sense?

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