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New York Town

Hi everyone! I have been on a little hiatus from most of my extra-curricular activities for the last month or so, because I have moved to New York City after having lived in Austin, Texas for pretty much my entire life. This move has been a huge adjustment for approximately 80,001 reasons, but one of those is that everyone (okay, well, a lot of people) here likes and cares about baseball! In Austin, where I saw a shoddily-constructed Rangers bandwagon rise over the last few years, only to see it abandoned without a thought once college football season begun, I had become used to wearing my Astros gear with nary a glance from the general populous. Here, it’s different. Here, people give me a hard time about that Astros gear, and rightfully so! The Astros are terrible. I LOVE THIS. There is not a single thing that makes me feel more like I’ve made a good decision than an old man in a Yankees jersey or a Mets cap ribbing me about my Astros sweater.

So, thanks for having me back. Starting this week I’ll be posting regularly again and, since there are not one but two baseball stadiums just a subway ride away from my little brownstone, I will take in some games for the small remainder of the reason and then have this long, cold, northern winter to contemplate what a terrible mistake great idea this was and all the other ways that it will impact the way that I live with baseball.

P.S. I’ve decided that I will, in a limited fashion, cheer for the Mets. I’ve always thought it was okay to have an “AL team,” but since the Astros are changing divisions next year I have to give up my half-hearted rooting for the Twins and find an “NL team” to support. It makes sense for that to be the Mets, given both my new location and my obvious soft-spot for really bad teams and defeated fan-bases.